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It has been five years since The Mourning: an inexplicable disaster that wiped out the entire country of Cyre and left the survivors struggling to find a home. Life seems to be going on as usual until seemingly ordinary people start disappearing. Can you find out what’s happening to them before it’s too late?


This is the wiki site for the “In a World of Demons” campaign. Here I’ll be posting:

  • updated maps for you to check out while we’re not playing
  • character sheets and bios for all N/PC’s—you will own your own character bio and sheet and can update it whenever you want
  • a session recap blog so you can all refresh your memories
  • any important information you’ll need to know

If you need to contact me privately about your character or some other aspect of the campaign (such as secret actions), you can text me or email me via this website.

In A World of Demons

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