In A World of Demons

Diary of a Dwarf

Waiting in the Caves

I waited for two weeks, two whole weeks, and they finally allowed us to leave. I say allow because I feel close to a prisoner. When I leave the caves to explore the market, I feel the eyes of someone always on me. Even in my room, I feel as if I’m being watched.

But they let us finally attack those who had taken my loved ones. I met another group of people who had loved ones taken as well. One is an elf… pansy ass elves. However, we do seem to be on the same page. For the first time I’m actually in agreement with an elf. Strange times I tell ya’. But we infiltrated that… place. And it was empty. Well not empty, but our loved ones we gone, taken by someone named “M.” I’ve really lost it. I’m losing my ability to actually control myself.

And I’m ashamed.

I have failed my beloved, my betrothed. I have snapped in the faces of those who wish to help me. And I have rushed to violence. I must control myself. I must take the time to breathe…. After our search, we found no evidence that our loved ones are dead. So there is still hope. I just wish we could do more than just sit and wait….

And… our hosts…. It’s more than the fact that I feel like I’m always being watched…. Tessa, that kid. They… bother me. Something about them makes me skin crawl. I want to pity them and the situation they are in, but it seems as if they seek revenge. They seem to blame the whole world for what happened to Cyre… and they seem to want revenge against the whole world too.

We’ll be away from here soon though… I hope….


LittleFallenSeraph Redforge

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